Please take note of our guest rules.

We appreciate your cooperation to ensure that all guests have a safe and comfortable environment during their stay at Hospitality Apartments.

Violation of the guest rules will result in the loss of apartment privileges, and guests may be asked to leave.

Guest Rules

  • Each patient must be accompanied by a caregiver for the entire length of stay. A caregiver must be present during check-in. It is expected that the caregiver will be with the patient most of the day and all night while the patient is at the apartments. If a new caregiver comes to be with the patient, he or she must sign in at the office, have photo ID copied and read the guest rules. Copies of photo IDs of the patient and caregivers will be kept on file in the office and shredded when they check out of the apartment.
  • Smoking and vaping are not allowed inside any building or apartment, on the patio, in the stairwells, or in the parking lots. Smoking and vaping are only permitted on the fourth-floor walkway between the east and west apartment buildings. Extinguished smoking materials must be properly disposed of in the containers provided. Do not empty car ashtrays in the parking lots.
  • Guests may be absent from their apartment for not more than three consecutive nights (not including time spent in hospital with patient) without giving up the apartment. Guests must inform the office in writing when both the patient and caregiver will be gone overnight, regardless of the reason. This can be done by entering the event in the log book for guest absences, found in the community room.
  • Designated quiet hours are from 10 pm until 7 am.However, loud behavior is discouraged at any hour. Do not talk loudly or play radio loudly outdoors. Do not use the laundry rooms during quiet hours. All guests must refrain from making noise in their apartments that would disturb those in other apartments.
  • For fire safety reasons, burning candles in the apartment is prohibited.
  • Put trash/garbage in plastic bags and deposit them in the dumpster (door to dumpster area is near elevators). All syringes with needles and other sharps must be disposed of in the sharps containers found in laundry rooms and community room bathroom.
  • The maximum length of stay is three months. Guests may reapply when they leave but will not be eligible to return for three months and then must wait to be first on the waiting list. Neither patient nor caregivers who stayed at the apartments will be eligible for an apartment again for three months from the date of checkout.
  • The maximum number of people staying overnight in the apartment is three. Overnight visitors must sign the log book in the community room.
  • There are no facilities for children. Visiting children (one to under 18 years old) are allowed to stay in an apartment no more than three nights in any 30-day period and must be kept under strict supervision. Families disruptive to the environment will be asked to leave. Child patients may stay in apartments.
  • Parking passes (available in the office) must be displayed in all vehicles parked in the parking lots. Only one vehicle per apartment is allowed in the parking lots. Car washing is not allowed in the parking lots.
  • Soliciting money in any form from other guests or volunteers is prohibited.
  • Alcohol consumption is only permitted inside the apartments, not in common areas.
  • Due to the health issues of our guests, no animals of any kind are allowed in the apartments or on the grounds.
  • No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed in the apartments or on the grounds.
  • Keep windows and door closed while the air-conditioning/heat is turned on. Fan should be set on "auto" when unit is on.
  • Do not tack or tape items to walls or doors. Don’t use hooks or nails. Use magnets to hold papers on metal surfaces (entry door, refrigerator).
  • When getting ready to depart, guests should inform office of estimated departure date and time. If necessary, they should fill out a change of address form, available at post office. The apartment should be tidied before leaving and trash emptied. Two apartment keys and one mail box key must be returned to the office or placed in the key drop on the north office wall. Guests will be charged a fee if all keys are not returned. If fee is not paid, guests will not be eligible for an apartment in the future.