We look forward to your arrival.

Please review the following information about your check-in.

Check-In Times

When you are contacted about the availability of an apartment to use, the office volunteer will schedule a check-in time with you.

Check-in times are between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm during normal office hours, Monday through Friday.

Office hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Check-In Process

When checking in, please plan on spending 30 to 45 minutes going through the check-in process.

Both the patient and the caregiver should be present during check-in unless the patient is in the hospital. The caregiver must be present at check-in. Guests are expected to move into the apartment the day they check-in unless special arrangements are made. The three-month occupancy time begins the day the guest checks in to an apartment.

The guest will fill out a guest card and sign a guest agreement.

Additional Items

When checking in, the patient and the caregiver will

  • Go over the guest rules and get answers to any questions.
  • Provide Hospitality Apartments with a photo ID which will be photocopied and retained in the office records until checkout.
  • Be given a parking pass if bringing a car. Provide car license plate number.
  • Pay a one-time cleaning fee of $140 with cash or check.
  • Be taken on a tour of the facilities including the mail boxes, community room, game and DVD library, loaner closet, patio, laundry rooms, garbage dumpster, little wagons, and their apartment.
  • Be given two apartment keys and a mail box key.
  • Be given information on the MD Anderson shuttle schedule.
  • Be shown the overnight absences log book and the visitors log book in the community room.
  • Be asked to read the information book found in their apartment.