Guests often write us after they leave.

Here are some letters of appreciation from our guests to tell us how they are doing and what staying at Hospitality Apartments meant to them.

We have been in our wonderful little apartment for a little over a month. In that time, it has come to feel like our home! You all have taken such care in planning these apartments that you’ve virtually thought of everything! Potato peeler – check! Hot pads – check! Large sharp knives – check! A large pitcher – check! Dish towels – check! Paper towel holder – check! And we could go on and on! . . . We are writing to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! . . . Our stay here has been amazing, from the apartment itself, to the patio area, to the laundry, to the frequent shuttles, to EVERYTHING!! We couldn’t believe you even have our favorite game – Upwords! Thank you hardly seems adequate, but those are the words we’re using. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Sue and Lew

It’s time to return home (Puerto Rico) but we don’t want to leave without first acknowledging the great work you do for the well-being of the patients who receive medical services at M.D. Anderson. You are like angels to cancer patients and their families. Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave us to live in the Hospitality Apartments.

Dear Volunteers, There are people throughout life one never forgets. Each one of these people is one of you. Through our conversations, your smiles and hellos and encouraging words, we came through this difficult and scary time. We thank you! You made our time there seem like a real home. We thank God for your generosity, your time, caring, and the use of your beautiful and comforting apartment. It is apparent to anyone who stays there, you all are filled with love.

We can’t thank Hospitality Apartments enough for the three months we stayed here. It was a quiet, safe and loving place to be. It made our cancer adventure a positive experience. The transportation transfers were great. We appreciate the love of the staff at the apartments. You will always be loved for your support. We will always be forever grateful to you. Jerry and Becky

BROKEN DOWN PRAYER written by Jose

They told me wut dont kill me will only make me stronger
So I looked up n asked God 2 help me fight longer
2 try n break me askin how long will this last
I lok at my famly n look at my past
Try 2 gather sum strength from the times when we laughed
Ive shed down sum tearz n I won’t deny
But hey itz OK – name a man that don’t cry
Look up 2 the heavenz ask to bless my day
N protect my familia where 2 sleep they lay
So many things send my life in a blur
Itz a test of faith of that now im sure …
Eh looking back at these short 23 yrs
Has brought a new meaning 2 my description of tearz
I cry not of pain n I cry not of fear
I cry of pure faith that God has planz for me here
If this is my time n the Lord should come callin
Im a answer that door sit wit Him n start talking
But im sure itz not time he has a lot of more planned
But if not im just saying I don’t consider it damed
I drew up my strength so I could fight longer
Cuz if thiz don’t kill me it will make me stronger
In God I have faith 2 spend the rest of my days
Thatz why I asked for forgivness thru my broken down prayer.