Although our guests come from many different places, they discover that they all have at least one common bond — a major health care crisis.

All our guests face this same challenge, and often times new bonds of friendship develop while they are here.

During your stay you will get to know many of the other guests and the emotions they are going through. You will discover that you are not alone. We try to provide a healthy, safe, and supportive environment for all guests during this time of need.

Fellowship Dinners and Events

Most months different churches and other organizations come to the community room of Hospitality Apartments and put on a dinner for all patients and their caregivers who choose to attend.

Some just provide dinner and others also provide games and entertainment. Sometimes instead of a dinner, there is an ice cream social or other event built around food and fellowship. These events mean a lot to the guests. The events give them a chance to laugh and smile and enjoy the company of others in the middle of their pain.

Most months, Hospitality Apartments sponsors bingo night for our patients and caregivers with fun and prizes for all. These events are well attended and very popular. Notices are posted before each event so guests know about the event well in advance.