Transportation Options

As a Guest at Hospitality Apartments, you have four transportation options:

  1. Your Own Car
  2. Houston Taxi Service
  3. MD Anderson Shuttle
  4. Walk

If you bring your own car, we will provide a car pass that will allow you to park in one of the two apartment parking lots. Houston has a good taxi service, but the companies are not always on time.  The Texas Medical Center is about seven blocks north of the apartments and walking is an option if you feel up to it and the outside temperature and weather allow.

Purple MDA Shuttle (1)

MDA Shuttle

Since a majority of our Guests are out-Patients at MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDA), the MD Anderson Shuttle provides transportation to and from various MD Anderson Hospital locations for MDA Patients.   Currently the MDA Shuttle comes to Hospitality Apartments about once every 30 minutes.  Shuttles that come to and from Hospitality Apartments are labeled with a purple tag, as shown below, which also shows Hospitality Apartments as one of its stops.  The MDA Shuttle picks up Hospitality Apartments Guests and their Caregivers in the driveway outside the front entrance to Hospitality Apartments.  Be sure to look for the MDA Shuttle with the appropriate purple tag.

MDA Shuttle

Purple MDA Shuttle (2)

Purple Tag on MDA Shuttle

There are several different MDA Shuttles with different routes.  When catching the MDA Shuttle in front of MD Anderson Hospital, be sure to ride the MDA Shuttle with this sign on the it and request to be taken to Hospitality Apartments.

Current MDA Shuttle Pick-Up Schedule at Hospitality Apartments

Patients of MD Anderson Hospital and their Caregivers staying at Hospitality Apartments may catch the MDA Shuttle in the north parking lot, at the main entrance to Hospitality Apartments.  There are benches outside the front entrance to sit on while waiting or those desiring can sit in the Community Room and look out the front window for the Shuttle.

The MDA Shuttle comes to Hospitality Apartments about every 30 minutes starting at 6:00 am till 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.  The MDA Shuttle does not run on weekends or holidays. You can track the bus via the internet or smart phone at