We look forward to your arrival.

Please review the following information about your check-in.

Check-In Times

When you are contacted about the availability of an apartment to use, the office Volunteer will schedule a check-in time with you.

Check-ins are 9:30 am to 5:00 pm during normal office hours, Monday through Friday.

Office hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Check-In Process

When checking in, please plan on spending 30 to 45 minutes going through the check-in process.

Both the patient and the caregiver should be at check-in unless the patient is in the hospital. Guests are expected to move into the apartment the day they are offered the apartment or the next, unless special arrangements are made. The three month occupancy time begins the day the guest checks into an apartment.

The guest will fill out a guest card and sign a guest agreement which is as follows:

Guest Agreement (click to expand)

I have read the Guest Rules of the Hospitality Apartments. I and all who stay in the apartment agree to abide by these Guest Rules. I understand that if I or any of my Guests violate the Guest Rules, especially with regard to smoking, Caregiver, children or overnight absences, we may be asked to leave the apartment. Anyone staying overnight with me will register. Hospitality Apartments is not responsible for any injury on the property and/or loss or damage to personal items in the apartments or parking lots. Hospitality Apartments has a Wi-Fi system (wireless internet connectivity) which Guests can use at their own risk. Guests who have the appropriate computer equipment can access this system and connect to the Internet.

Hospitality Apartments will not provide computers or related equipment to Guests to access this system or the Internet. I understand that Hospitality Apartments is not liable in any way if this Wi-Fi system fails to function or if damage is done to Guests’ computers when viruses or other destructive files are downloaded to their computers using this Wi-Fi system. I understand that if I use the Wi-Fi system inappropriately, as determined by the Hospitality Apartments management and/or Trustees, I will be asked to leave the apartments.

I release Hospitality Apartments from any damages/injury/loss or liability arising from the use of the apartments and the parking facilities at the Hospitality Apartments and from any and all damages and/or liability arising from the use of the Wi-Fi/computer internet system.

Unless asked to vacate the premises at an earlier date, I understand that we are welcome to stay at the Hospitality Apartments for up to three (3) months as medical treatments dictate, but we will vacate the apartment before that time if the Patient is given permission by the hospital/doctor to leave Houston. I understand that we are Guests of the Hospitality Apartments and will vacate the premises if asked to do so by an Apartment Manager or by any Trustee. If we fail to leave the apartment within three (3) days, we will pay rent of $150/day thereafter. I understand that the $150/day fee will be treated as rent under the Texas Landlord/Tenant laws and we will be considered as tenants at will subject to eviction after such date. If we fail to comply with the Guest Rules, it will result in a termination of our lease and our eviction from the apartments. I understand that a notice of eviction will be posted on the door of our apartment and efforts will be made to contact us before Hospitality Apartments goes to court to process the eviction.

Responsible Party’s Signature & Date

Volunteer Witnessing Signature

Additional Items

When checking in, our guests will

  • Go over the Guest Rules and get answers to any questions
  • Provide Hospitality Apartments with a photo ID which will be photocopied and retained in the office records until check-out
  • Be given a parking pass, if they have a car
  • Pay a one time cleaning fee of $100 with cash or check
  • Be taken on a tour of the facilities including the mail boxes, community room, game & dvd center, loaner closet, patio, laundry rooms, garbage dumpster, little wagons and their apartment
  • Be given two room keys and a mail box key
  • Be given information on the MD Anderson shuttle schedule
  • Be shown the common Log Book in the Community Room
  • Be asked to read the Information Book in their apartment