Donations To Hospitality Apartments

Hospitality Apartments RenderingHospitality Apartments is a DBA of Human Resources Development Foundation, which is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.  Income to Hospitality Apartments comes from donations by individuals, churches, foundations and corporations.  Hospitality Apartments does not accept direct financial support from any government agency.

Hospitality Apartments has no paid employees and all contributions (100%) go towards the operation, maintenance and upgrades to the apartments and grounds.  In 2009, the operating cost is about $18 per apartment per day.  The Board of Trustees and the Volunteers work very hard to keep costs down and have done so for over 46 years.

HA Apartment E44 (15)A number of churches have made donations to Hospitality Apartments as part of their missions giving or on a special project basis.  Individuals have made contributions “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” friends or family.  Every gift is greatly appreciated and helps Hospitality Apartments keep their doors open to others in the future who need a place of safety and comfort during their time of need.

There is no requirement or expectation that a Guest will make a donation to Hospitality Apartments.


Hospitality Apartments Oct 8 2009 (37)Financial Donations for Hospitality Apartments
Make your check payable to “Hospitality Apartments” and send it to:

Hospitality Apartments
P.O. Box 25213
Houston, TX 77265-5213

On behalf of all our Guests, Caregivers and Volunteers,
Thank You Very Much!!!

Donation of Goods to Hospitality Apartments

Over the years people have contacted Hospitality Apartments regarding the donation of goods that would be of use to Hospitality Apartments.  These goods have included items like:

  • new or unused linens
  • new or unused towels
  • Hospitality Apartments Oct 2 2009 (41)television sets
  • DVD players
  • yard equipment
  • tools & maintenance equipment
  • painting supplies
  • dishes
  • microwaves

If you have items that are new or in very good condition that might be of use to Hospitality Apartments, please contact us by filling out the Donate Goods form below. 

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