As soon as you know when you are leaving Hospitality Apartments, please let the Office know. Advance knowledge helps us do a better job of planning. All Guests who come to the end of their three month stay must leave prior to or on the last day of their three month stay.

Please clean up the apartment and take all trash to the dumpster. The cleaning service will take care of the laundry and thoroughly clean the apartment before the next Guest arrives.

Please check your Mail Box before you leave and be sure that the Office knows where to forward any mail or packages that may come for you after you leave.

Please return any games, DVDs or items from the loaner closet.

Please make a list of any items that need maintenance or repair in your apartment and give it to the office.

Please return your keys (2 apartment keys and 1 mail box key) to the office or drop in the Key Return Box outside the Community Building on the front wall, if after hours. Failure to return keys will result in a $25 fee which must be paid or Guests will not be eligible to return in the future.

Please take a moment to fill out the Guest Feedback Form below to let us know how we did at helping you during your time of need.