HRDF Board of Trustees, Advisors & Church Sponsors

It is our privilege to be able to assist you and your Caregiver during this time of illness.  Our purpose is to give you a safe, comfortable, supportive environment while you are receiving treatment from one of the hospitals in the Texas Medical Center area.  Being away from home, family and friends to receive medical attention is difficult at best.  Our desire is to relieve some of the stress and give you the supportive environment you need while you focus on getting better.

Over the last 48 years we have hosted more that 8,000 families from all over the world.  Our operations and maintenance staff are all Volunteers who give of their time and talent to help you get better.  Our blessing is knowing that we made a difference for you when you needed it most.  We hope that someday you will be in a position to be a blessing to someone else in need and will – JUST PASS IT ON!

As your health permits, please take time to get to know some of the other Guests staying with us.  You will discover that you have a lot in common.  New friendships often develop through the sharing of experiences.  Join us, when you can, for our special events like our Church-hosted Dinners or Bingo nights.  It will help take your mind off other things and open the doors to new friendships.

Joe W Hightower
President Emeritus

Board of Trustees

Norma Ashmore
Ken Barker
Tommye Barker
Harry Bristol
Judy Bristol
Keith Fletcher
Stuart Ford
Rocky Forshey, Volunteer & Guest Relations Coordinator
Ann Gearhart
Ann Hightower
Julie Hill
Jan Johnson, Treasurer
Terry Koonce
Mike Masssey
Leslie Ohr
Bob Paddock, President
Rodney Ramsey
Sandra Ramsey, Vice President
Leslie Rich
Paul Riddle
Jerry Ritcheson
Sherry Ritcheson
Steven Sandifer, Facilities Coordinator
Jon Stevens
Lynn Stevens


Wynell Andrus
Michelle Argentina
Mary Alice Arnold
Anna Ashmore
Lila Ballard
Mike Bercu
Mellisa Bernardoni
Sandford Blakley
Carolyn Blakley
Linda Burch
Pat Burgess
David Calkins
Vicki Copeland
Andy Evans
Dwain Evans
Ray Gearhart
Julie Giam
Ed Gurley
Frances Hunter
John Hunter
Kathy Jones
Susan Merriman
Pat Nichols
Carol Ann Paddock
Lynn Rosas
Joyce Shook
Kenny Waldt
Resident Managers (Honorary Advisors)

Sponsoring Churches

Bering Drive Church of Christ
Christ the King Lutheran Church
Covenant Church
Crossbridge Christian Church
Deer Park First Baptist Church
Deer Park United Methodist Church
Emerson Unitarian Church
First Christina Church, Houston
First Christian Church, Pasadena
Grace Presbyterian Church
Houston First Church of God
Montalba Christian Church
Port Barre Unite Methodist Church
St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
St Mark’s Episcopal Church
South Main Baptist Church, Pasadena